Caloric Appliances - Our Company Profile & History
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Company Profile

A well-established brand with over 100 years behind its name, CaloricTM is proud to continue its legacy in offering energy-efficient,

luxurious appliances with innovative features to turn any kitchen into a stylish, state-of-the-art culinary space.


The CaloricTM brand was established in 1903 in Philadelphia, USA. Its offices migrated to Pennsylvania in 1924 and eventually found themselves in Toronto, Ontario in the late 2000’s. Famous for its high-quality kitchen appliances, CaloricTM is a well-recognized brand across the United States and Canada.


CaloricTM was the first to introduce several unique innovations to cooking ranges in North America, including infrared burners, built-in wall oven units, and a “fireless cooking stove” (the precursor of today’s slow cookers). The brand’s innovations and dedication to quality have made CaloricTM a household name continue to set it well above the competition. The company slogan, Now You’re Cooking, is recognized by home-owners across North America and has become synonymous with timelessness, quality, and innovation.


Recently launched in Canada, CaloricTM’ retro-chic refrigerators are available in an exclusive array of colours. With a host of luxurious and energy saving features, CaloricTM refrigerators are simply the most cost-efficient way to add stylish functionality and visually up-scale any kitchen. Browse through our Products to find the refrigerator that gives your kitchen that perfect touch of vintage luxury.