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Invite a little spring into the kitchen with these tips


Invite a little spring into the kitchen with these tips

It’s still officially winter and the GTA weather is still see-sawing up and down, but once tulips are available at grocery stores, we think it’s a sure sign that spring is on its way in. While we’ve spotted the occasional evergreen still strung with holiday lights, it’s definitely time to say goodbye to the cold season and make some refreshing updates to your home. Although the impact may be more psychological than anything else, sprucing up your kitchen for the warmer weather ahead goes way beyond spring cleaning and into the realm of small, meaningful touches that truly herald the arrival of the season of growth and renewal.

Here are some easy ways to revitalize your kitchen for spring:

  1. Replace a dark or worn shade with a light spring curtain that lets in more light. If flowers, fruits and butterflies are a little over the top for your tastes, try candy-coloured stripes to liven up the room and add a whimsical touch.
  2. Add some greenery. Plants practically scream spring, but often counter space is at a premium in the kitchen, and windowsills simply aren’t wide enough to accommodate a plant pot. Don’t despair; hang a pot or two from an overhead hook. Hanging tropical plants and tender desert succulents tend to be the most resilient to heat, and the cascading fronds/vines/flowers will brighten up the room while improving air quality.
  3. Black may be huge right now when it comes to kitchen décor, but it’s hardly the look we’re aiming for in terms of freshening and brightening (unless it’s contrasted with tons of white). For a bright and unique look, consider a wallpaper backsplash. You control the colour pop; it’s an easy enough fix if you don’t currently have a mosaic tile backsplash, and best of all, it’s incredibly low maintenance.
  4. Rotate your shelf displays. Whether you have a plate rail, a china cabinet, rustic open shelving or a glassed-in pantry, now’s the time to remove anything that says winter and change it out for your most delicate floral plates and colourful cups.
  5. Paint a feature wall. The great thing about paint is, you can always change it back – but those dull white walls aren’t doing you any favours now, so make a statement (wall) with a spring colour like mint green, bold pink or your favourite shade of blue. If all the walls are covered by cupboards, you can probably see where we’re going with this: Paint the cupboards. 2017 kitchen trends herald painted cabinets over stained, anyway.
  6. Start an herb garden. Now this is greenery you can sacrifice precious counter or windowsill space for; growing your own herbs will not only provide you and young children with an interesting diversion and bring a taste of spring to your kitchen, it’s a highly practical activity that will literally spice up your dishes with fresh, delicious flavours for months to come.
  7. Colourful kitchen appliances are big this year, but whether you care about keeping up with the trends or just value a chic aesthetic, Caloric has a refrigerator to match your every taste. Whether your spring kitchen makeover includes a creamy champagne or a bold Bordeaux, adding a luxe new appliance will certainly usher in the new – and get your kitchen spring-ready.


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