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Easter Dinner Made Easy


Easter Dinner Made Easy

Is it really time for another major holiday already – one that requires major entertaining? If you’re it this year for making the Easter feast, with the big date fast approaching, the pressure is on. To help you rest easy about turning out the perfect dinner for your family and guests, we’ve narrowed Easter dinner down to just three easy steps.

  1. It’s basically impossible to turn out perfect dishes with outmoded equipment; after all, you wouldn’t ask a farmer to bring the harvest in with oxen anymore, or expect an accountant to use an abacus. So why are you using a twenty year old oven to bake that ham? Caloric makes a full line of gas ranges and induction cooktops to help you cook even the most complex, delicate dishes with both lightning speed and killer accuracy.
  2. If you love the look of a retro fridge but are worried about capacity, worry no longer: Caloric refrigerators are big enough to store everything you need for a holiday feast…at optimal climate-controlled temperatures and humidity levels that keep proteins and produce at their best, longer. Replace your ancient refrigerator with a Caloric retro fridge and you’ll both be able to keep the leftovers fresh and wow your admiring guests with the sleek retro colours and styles.
  3. Check out our Easter menu plan, courtesy of Epicurious, and whip up a feast that will be remembered long after the bunny has left his chocolate eggs.

Easter dinner 2017, made easy

In our humble opinion, Easter (or simply ‘long weekend’ for some) is not a time to fuss. There are no individual plum puddings garnished with holly to worry about; spring is in the air, and with it comes a more relaxed style of entertaining. That doesn’t mean you can’t flex your culinary muscle, however. Here is a simple meal that is sure to please the most demanding guests.


  • Crudites with buttermilk-blue cheese dip: Forget the same old cut-up vegetables that people tend to eat simply to feel okay about eating the much tastier fare. Instead, choose more exotic vegetables, such as fennel spears and white asparagus, or make a rainbow of thinly sliced, colourful vegetables. Dip made from scratch is easy, but goes a long way towards making your platter gourmet.


  • Honey and rye-glazed ham: Adding booze to honey is essentially always a recipe for success, but despite the deliciousness factor of this ham, there will be those who are ham pooh-poohers. Don’t despair: your Caloric gas range has an extra-large oven featuring convection and conventional modes as well a powerful infrared broiler that provides intense heat directly to food for amazing grilling results indoors – so you can easily do a plank of salmon or roast some chickens for the anti-ham crowd.


  • Lemon bars may be something you see at church socials, but we highly doubt they’re as delicious as these, which use Meyer lemons because of their low acidity and high flavour profile. You’ll have to bake the bottom first, but multiple oven checks are a breeze with the easy slide oven racks that come with Caloric gas ranges.

Happy Easter from everybody at Caloric – dedicated to making your meals easier, one over-performing appliance at a time!

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