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5 things to love about Caloric refrigerators


5 things to love about Caloric refrigerators

There are so many things to love about a Caloric refrigerator that picking just five is a huge challenge. But we had to try. Here are the top five reasons to choose Caloric for your next retro fridge, beer fridge or fridge fridge.

  1. Ion generation. If any single thing gives Caloric an edge over other elite refrigerator brands on the market today, it’s that. So, what is IonAir? It’s a patented technology that creates the best possible climate inside the refrigerator by recreating the natural process of ionization, the function by which an oxygen molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons in conjunction with other chemical changes. Think of it as an air purification system designed by nature and harnessed in your fridge to constantly refresh the refrigerator air, eliminating stale odours.
  2. Intuitive sensor systems. Imagine a fridge that knows when you’re going to open the door? Caloric retro fridges have smart sensors which track personal habits to anticipate when you’ll be opening the door and how long it will be open, adjusting temperatures accordingly to maintain a constant temperature and ideal climate for different foods. This offsets the thermal shock that foods suffer when exposed to warm exterior air, so the climate remains stable and food remains fresher.
  3. Sectioned climate control. A fridge with superior ventilation is one thing; a fridge with superior ventilation and individually climate controlled sections is something else! What this means for your food is the equivalent of a Sleep Number bed for tired couples: a personalized microclimate that provides the ideal environment for the particular type of food it contains. Because of the unique ionization process described in Item 1, each section (crisper, door, shelving, dairy) is continuously refreshed with ionized air, which is kept at the precise temperature and humidity level that works best for that food type.
  4. NoFrost Plus. Tired of freezer burn and freezer flavour – not to mention frost buildup eating away at valuable storage space and consuming more energy? Every Caloric retro fridge model features a top of line cooling system that prevents ice and frost from accumulating in the freezer, which lowers power consumption as well as ensures that foods retain their moisture and nutritional value. Even better, the freezer compartment is large enough that you won’t need an external chest freezer to feed the whole gang; you can stock up on frozen veggies, meals and pizzas and still have room for a whole turkey. There’s also a flash-freezing drawer to cool foods even more rapidly, preserving the delicate flavours of your premium cuts of meats and seafood.
  5. Simple aesthetics. We could rave about the internal features of our refrigerators for days, but nothing beats the actual look of your Caloric retro fridge; the sleek, glossy surface and gorgeous colours both complement and stand out in any kitchen, making every trip to the fridge anything but boring. Treat yourself to a gourmet feast for the eyes – and for the stomach – with a gorgeous new refrigerator from Caloric.
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